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Zsófia Schön: Fieldwork Gallery, 2010-2015

The fieldwork photo galery from Zsófia Schön contains photographs, which were taken during her field trips to the Khanty (2010–2015).

The photos are arranged in geographical order, and within this order they are grouped thematically. The individual settlements are presented together with their inhabitants and guests as well as the living conditions and articles of the daily life of Khanty people that might seem uncommon from a European perspective.

Our journey through Siberia begins in the East of the language area, in Yurty Kayukovy (2012, 2015) and continues upriver along the Bol’shoy Yugan River to the riverhead, passing through the following settlements: Yurty Yarsomovy I (2012, 2015), Yurty Multanovy (2015), Yurty Saporkiny (2015), Derevnya Taurovo (2015), Yurty Usanovy II (2015, Yurty Usanovy III (2015), Yurty Kurlomkiny (2015), Yurty Larlomkiny (2015).

Ugut (2010, 2012, 2015) is considered a national and cultural centre for the Khanty living along the Bol’shoy Yugan River and the Malyy Yugan River.

The Malyy Yugan River flows into the Bol’shoy Yugan River. The settlements along the Malyy Yugan River are also presented in the order they appear when travelling upriver: Starye Kaymysovy I (2012), Yurty Achimovy I (2012), Yurty Achimovy II (2012), Yurty Kaymysovy (2012).

The photos from Yurty Punsi (2012), a settlement that belongs to the area of the river Salym, show the living conditions of the Khanty living in the forest. Linguistically they belong to the Yugan Khanty, but they speak a local variant of it.

The last photos take us to the North Khanty, to the River Amnya near Kazym Village (2012).

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