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Phonology Yugan Khanty (2010–)

The Yugan Khanty corpus (2010‒) represents one subdialect of the Surgut Dialect, while the Surgut Khanty corpus reflects the literary norm of it. In the 21st century Yugan Khanty is spoken along the rivers Big Yugan, Small Yugan, Salym and Demyanka. Therefore the phoneme system of Surgut Khanty and Yugan Khanty are the same, even if methodologically the Yugan Khanty corpus (2010‒) features a transcription relatively close to the spoken language variant without strict phonematisations and normatisations.

  • So Yugan Khanty too please consult the transliteration table here.
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    Last update: 24-08-2023