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Linguistic section

The linguistic section of our homepage consists of five parts: 1) Text Corpus, 2) Concordance, 3) Transcription, Transliteration and Orthography, 4) e-Dictionaries and 5) e-Grammar.

•The text corpus includes glossed, analyzed and translated texts of all Ob-Ugric dialects covered in both projects.

•It is possible to search for word forms and glosses and their context in the concordance subsection.

•In the subsection Transcription, Transliteration and Orthography you can find information on phonological particularities of the Ob-Ugric languages, their various transcriptions and different correspondence tables which help when converting between the different transcriptions (e.g. FUT>IPA, Cyrillic>IPA). There is also a comparison of the Cyrillic traditions of the different publications as well as notes on the transcription of our corpus texts from several sources and their characteristics.

•The e-dictionaries contain a multilingual dictionary enriched with etymological information and their reversed (a tergo) versions, as well as thesauri of the four Ob-Ugric dialects containing additional ethnographical material from fieldwork.

•In the e-grammars you can find for example phoneme tables (IPA), the inflected form tables and affix tables of the four dialects, an interactive form generator and patterns of possible morpheme orders. For each morpheme all instances of its use in the corpus can be obtained. Some sample texts are additionally tagged featuring syntactic functions, semantic roles and information structuring.

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