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This section presents different types of electronic dictionaries.

The regular dictionary and the reverse dictionary are corpus-based and present lexical data in different sortings. There are several search modes, filter (e.g. for dialects or part of speech) and sorting options. One can also switch from one version to the other. The dictionaries are linked to the concordance, as well. The concordance leads back again to the text corpus.

The Thesaurus is also corpus-based and offers a lexeme-sorting based on semantic domains. There are also several filter options which are described here.

The digitized version of Munkácsi and Kálmán’s Mansi Dictionary, the first academic dictionary of the Mansi language, is the result of immense work of the Hungarian team during OUL. It gives users access to rich semantic, dialectological, etymological information in this complex dictionary. The online version is searchable more easily due to a phonetic search function. A user guide provides further assistance.

The section is completed with ethnographical comments on selected items for several dialects.
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Last update: 24-08-2023