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How to Search the Bibliography

(instructions as PDF)

You can search the bibliographical database using the following data:

The search function is also phonetic. If, for example, you are searching for an author’s name by using the string "j" you will receive in addition suggestions including "i" or "ž". This is useful in cases when the exact spelling of an author's name is not known.

It is not necessary to use the Cyrillic spelling of the Russian author's name. Here it is sufficient to enter the Latin variant in the field "Author (cyr)".

The transliteration of Cyrillic characters is based on ISO 9, Version 1995. Upper and lower case are not differentiated.

How to initiate a search request:

Select the field of interest on the left side of the interface box (e.g. author, title).

On the right, enter the keywords for which the concerning field should be searched.

Keywords can be entered in several fields. In this case, the fields will be linked by the operator AND, meaning that only the results meeting all search criteria will be shown.

For a NOT search request click on the equal sign (=) which will then be crossed out.

The wildcard _ stands for exactly one single character, both at the end and in the middle of a word. This can be useful when there are doubts on how a name or a title is spelled (e.g. with Anders_n the database will provide results for both Anderson and Andersen).

An unspecified number of characters can be replaced by the wildcard %. Using this, one can search for certain keywords, e.g. "Az obi-ugor %".

Using the character | (pipe) one can initiate a search for different authors at the same time. A search would yield, for example, all publications by Author 1 or Author 2.

In contrast to the search request with AND, with the character | (pipe) all results will be shown in which either one or the other search criterion was selected.

Use the enter key or click on "Search" to obtain the list of search results. Left-clicking shows a detailed view of one line of the hit list.

To compile an assortment of search results, select favoured entries with the right mouse button. (The fields will turn purple.)

Clicking on "notepad" on the lower right will give you a list of all the selected search results.

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